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1 Unidade71,62 €
s/ IVA58,23 €
2/3 Unidades69,61 €
s/ IVA56,59 €
4/8 Unidades69,11 €
s/ IVA56,19 €
>8 Unidades68,27 €
s/ IVA55,50 €

Ref.: VELAVM2050

Medidor de som analogico (50 a 126dbs)

compatibilidade:6965 CB:5410329316358



7 sound level ranges: 50 to 126dB
A and C weighting: for sound analyses
fast/slow response: allows intermediate and high level measurements
with battery level indication
RCA output jack

range: up to 126dB
positions: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120dB
load impedance : 1kohm min.
distortion: < 2% at 1kHz, 0.5V
microphone: electret condenser microphone, omnidirectional, directionality increases at higher frequencies
precision: 2dB at 144dB
weighting: A or C
response: slow or fast
output signal: max. 1V deviation at 1kHz for the entire range
power supply: 1 x 9V battery (incl.)
battery test: OK indication between 7 and 10.5V
battery life: 110 operating hours (alkaline batteries)
dimensions: 160 x 62 x 44mm
weight: 185g
Peso unitrio: 233 Kg